Everyone is different in regards to the correct amount of CBD, whether its gummies, capsules, liquid, or Vape. It is an experiment to find your proper dosage. It takes time for the product to reach maximum effectiveness. Not all CBD products are created equal, and results will vary based on how they manufacture, infuse or spray on, Co2 extraction process, where they buy HEMP, how many different ingredients are put in. Understand what you are getting with your product, and identify what your goal or reason is for taking CBD.

  • Gummies, allow the gummie to dissolve in your mouth for best absorption and benefit
  • Capsules are best used on an empty stomach for best results
  • Tinctures allow for full absorption under tongue for at least one minute-preferably 2 minutes
  • A simple and easy formula to determine how much CBD is in each Gummie or Capsule
  • If the bottle claims 300mg and has 30 gummies or capsules (or however many in the bottle)    divide the quantity amount into the mg amount
  • 600mg divided by 30 units = 20mg per gummie or capsule
  • 300mg divided by 25 units = 12 mg per gummie or capsule
  • Most CBD oil bottles contain 30ml of CBD Oil or around 600 drops. To calculate amount of each drop of CBD oil, divide the total amount of CBD mg in the bottle by 600 . A dropper full is about 20 drops.
  • Example: CBD concentration is 1000mg divide by 600 = 1.67 mg per drop
We do not give advice as to any medical conditions, consult with your Doctor or medical practitioner before using any alternative medicine. Their are many directories where you can find cannabis clinics and physicians that you can consult with or receive a medical marijuana prescriptions.u

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